Loneswain (Continent) :

Situated in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth, Loneswain is a temperate region. Though deciduous tree are present, evergreen trees are ever in view on this island. Thick forests host elven villages in the North and East, while Orks, Kobolds, and other filth are said to reside in the numerous mountain ranges that adorn the continent. Humans have only recently begun to establish themselves, settling first in Devilfish 200 years ago. While life on the continent is certainly full of strife, the proud citizens of Loneswain boast of self-governance, a rarity in a world filled with racial subordination.



The West coast of Loneswain. Tela encompasses the narrows and sound that pierce through the continent. The region also includes the Marrow Fields south of the narrows which stretch to the Paol Range in the South-East. While this region is notorious for being a hunting ground of the Orks, the fertility of the taunts human farmers into risking their lives.

Tela Sound


Orks and Kraken Pa7i