July 12th

Book, I have something awful to tell you. I got angry and killed a man.

Not just someone who was trying to kill me, oh no, this wasn’t in self-defence. This was cold, hard, murder. Like out of a thriller novella.

I’ll tell you why, though, and maybe you’ll understand.

He was kidnapping my kin. Unfortunate souls, not as lucky as I, in the wrong place and time. Magic-Users. Maybe it hit a little to closely, maybe I overreacted. But I have to stop it. I know I do, and I as a magic-touched will be the one to bring them all to justice (legal or otherwise).

This is serious, book. This bothers me, in a way that I am worried will cloud my vision to the rational.

I can’t stop thinking about how afraid and alone they must feel. With no one in this realm truly caring for them.

They’re all afraid of us, book. And they should be.

I am coming for them.

July 12th

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