Small City – Population 8783 : 80% Human, 9% Half-Elf, 6% Halfling, 5% Other
Oligarchy: Power distributed

Centres of Power: (Influence)
(3) Black Chuul Guard:
2 Small watchtowers and halls protecting the main road
Lawful Good

(3) Merchants Guild:
Commercial areas of town, one main hall downtown. (Where laws are set)
Lawful Neutral

(2) Affluent Families
Distributed around the city

(1) Farmers and Fishermen Co-op:
Large home between the port and south road.
Neutral Good

(0) Department of Overland Relations and Occult Sciences:
Small building and library overlooking the city in the North West
Chaotic Neutral

(0) Tela Assassins Guild:
Large home in the East of town
Lawful Evil


The largest human hub in Loneswain, Devilfish was the first human settlement of the continent. It is said that after sighting land, Captain Riress Tela forced his ship through the narrows into the island. Furious, her first mate hunted a devilfish in Tela Sound and ordered the ship cook to prepare the monstrosity for the captain dinner. The first mates dangerous gamble with captains humour kept the sailors’ moral high for the remaining days on the sea and through the construction of the settlements’ first building. Since then the settlement has grown into a small city, acting as the gateway between citizens of the Civil West and their new lives in Loneswain.


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