From John Calder’s pamphlet on the worship of Huatl

What is this?

It is a fantastic thing that you are holding in your hands this moment. Inside this pamphlet is an introduction to the wonderfulness that is the ancient and venerated god Huatl. By reading this literature you’ll be able to see who Huatl is and what he can do for you to enrich your life.

Are you?

Getting older?
Afraid of death?
Plagued by maladies and afflictions?
Wondering how to provide for your loved ones when you are gone?
Unable to do the things that you used to enjoy?
Wanting to recapture the wonders of your youth?

If any of these sound relevant to your life then Huatl is just what you need in you life.

Who is Huatl?

Huatl is an ancient god that was worshipped by many of our ancestors in this very place, thousands of years ago. Huatl had many, many followers, but alas in this day and age he has been forgotten and ignored. But now he is returning to us, and needs valuable followers like yourself to awaken his power, so that he can rise and help those who love him once again!

What can he do?

Huatl has power over the domains of age and time itself. He was worshipped as the force behind the slow advancement of ageing, and donations and prayers were given to him to ward off the illnesses associated with getting older. He is the god of immortality and permanency. Those who worship and give to Huatl have been said to live longer, happier lives because they are free of plagues like memory loss, infirmity and degeneration of the body. Those highest in Huatl’s favour are said to even have transcended beyond the grip of death itself, and live forever to spread his glory.

What does he require of me?

For further reading describing the practices of Huatl worship, and a kit to get started on giving yourself to his splendidness, write to John Calder, care of Dane Southers in the western port town of Loneswain. Literature and information will be sent free of charge to help you on your way!

Blessings of Huatl be upon you, and may you live long and in health.


Orks and Kraken JamesMarshall