Witnessed John Calder performing some sort of ritual with deceased Ork-Child hearts on the evening of our return.

Appeared uncomfortable when brought up. Side note: likely miscalculated and revealed too much information to my

teammates, though probability of betrayal appears low. Side note: John Calder loses the ability to speak

coherently when aggravated. Possibly useful in creating distractions and when manipulating John Calder.

Seasick Merman came into dock, heavily damaged. Apparently attacked by merpeople. No apparent connection to dark

magicks. Side note: pressing the Dreamwatcher’s pupil yielded limited results. Perhaps more social lubrication

will be useful. Limited success with Commander Jace appears to confirm this.

Followed the Black Tear to a monument. Hegna and Jammy nowhere to be found. Likely disturbed by magic users.

Entered an underground passageway opened by the Black Tear. Encountered various crustaceans. John Calder and Norah Harrowmount appeared more eager to use their more overt forms of Magick in isolation. Likely they wish to conceal their identity. Used crustacean husk as a decoy on the recommendation of John Calder. Side note: sometimes playful suggestions can be of tremendous practical use.

Encountered a pool which activated the Black Tear, made John Calder fall unconscious underwater. Strongly considered executing him and Norah Harrowmount then, and taking the Black Tear’s clairvoyant power for myself. Strangely, the Other One – I? – disputed this decision and instead I pulled John Calder and resuscitated him. I feel apparently rewarded for this decision and I feel embracing loyalty gives me strength.

The Other – Gesu, his name, I believe – supports this decision. Time will tell if supporting other virtues also gives me strength.

Eawin said that recording self-interactions would help to make sense of what’s happening. As of late it has

become apparent that personality and interactions have been slipping out of acceptable parameters.

Another stomach pang upon arrival in Tela. It is a unique signal from the Other when in the presence of

civilians. Unsure of how to react. It wants this one to grow closer to other creatures. Perhaps to lure them in

as prey. In any case, it will further the cause to serve both this One and the Other One’s interests.

Used intimidation to convince other mercenaries to join the cause. Success.

Hegna. Unconfident. Eager to please. Verdict: her desire to prove herself will likely get her injured or killed.

Useful tenacity. Likely reckless, easy to push into dangerous situations.

John Calder, charismatic priest of an ancient god of Time. Useful for defensive magicks. (Side note: this land

appears not to view magick use in a positive light. Use appropriate caution when discussing the cause) Seems

principally self-centered. Appears to be hiding something. Useful in combat.

Norah Harrowmount. Intelligent ex-noble by all appearances. Inexplicably stupid in social matters. Naivete may

prove useful in manipulation. Appears to know only two spells of magick, cast weakly at range.

Jammy. Excessively relaxed in combat, poor posture, poor shot. Useless in combat.

Isaac. Attempts to intimidate others through a combination of physical prowess and dark armour. Edit: DECEASED.

Unexpected signal from the Other One upon witnessing the death of the mission leader. This signal from the Other

One is the most ambiguous ever received. Whether it is guilt or triumph is a present mystery.

Eawin never did explicitly state what the purpose was for the ritual. Perhaps it was an exorcism. Presently,

however, there is a rush of endorphins and adrenaline in this one’s body, in sync with the opposing thought.

Probability states that this is what others call hope.

Perhaps the objective all along has not been to absolve this One’s body of the Other Self. Perhaps the Other One

is not a demon.

Perhaps this one – we – are I.


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