Orks and Kraken

August 1st

The date is June 9th.

From the Journal of John Calder

An exciting day in which nothing went the way it was supposed to… We were recruited by a wanderer named Isaac to fetch some supplies from a nearby abandoned warehouse; myself, Norah and three other warriors were up to the task, and after some cajoling we managed to drag our recruiter along with us. I considered his presence to be good insurance that he wasn’t sending us into a trap or a hopeless fight… but unfortunately bringing him along spelled the end of our mission. Along the way we were waylaid by a few orcs. Most of my companions proved woefully inadequate in a fight; I was forced to abandon my fight against the creatures several times to rouse fallen allies. The girl, Norah, however turned out to have some ability with magic, and some real fight in her! I knew it was a good idea to keep her around. At any rate, Isaac fell in battle, and I was unable to revive him. No one could repair that wound. Our recruiter having fallen, we returned to town unsuccessful.

The battle did give me a chance to collect a few of the fallen enemies hearts for use in a ritual sacrifice later. I admit my willingness to go on the mission in the first place was because it looked like a ready chance to dedicate the deaths of some foul creatures to Huatl; the weapons cache was said to be inhabited by some evil crow beasts. No moral quandary there!

From the Journal of Norah Harrowmont

Hello book !!!

I find myself in a cheerful mood despite what happened to us…. But I’ll get to that in a moment.

We received some training from the mercenaries, it was minimal, but I think I learned something all the same. I’m glad there was some training I could get behind, too, as I honestly don’t think I could have lifted that long sword.

Issac approached us, somewhat hesitantly about finding some cave and some artifacts. Honestly, he was offering everyone an offensive amount of money for a job that actually got him killed. That’s right book, I saw someone die today, and I’m not sure how I feel. I had to use some of my gifts to survive, but I now know I am woefully unprepared for actual combat. Isasac died, our new friend Rocket almost died, and John is apparently a raving lunatic when he fights. We’re gonna have to work on that… Orcs are seriously terrifying. Seriously. I think we’re a tad in over our heads.

I heard from my mother that a trade ship I invested in is coming to port. I’m hoping to convince my new friends to join me in checking up on it. I’d rather delay our trek with the army as long as possible, but I think they really need us, and I did say I would help so I will!

Some people may say I’m not very smart but I’m loyal and I think that counts for something!



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